Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Muesli Explosion

I've talked before about the seemingly endless varieties of sausages and yogurt available in Germany. Another food that has more choices then I ever imagined it muesli.

Though the two are often thought of to be the same basic thing, muesli is different from granola. Developed by a Swiss doctor in the early 1900s, Bircher muesli (named after the doctor) contains rolled oats and fruit that are soaked in milk and yogurt. The culture in the yogurt breaks down the grain, making it easier to digest. Granola is a made from oats and other grains that are tossed with honey or another sweetener and toasted.

Though I haven't been soaking my muesli overnight, I have been eating a lot of the stuff lately. The version that I fancy has oats, corn flakes, hazelnuts, flax seeds, almonds, and cashews. Topped with a giant handful of blueberries and some soymilk it might just be the perfect breakfast.

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