Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to Form Tortellini

Here are two ways to shape homemade tortellini.

Tortellini with all ends sealed

  • Roll out pasta dough to approximately 1 inch wide
  • Find the half way mark on the sheet of pasta
  • Place 1 teaspoon of filling, on the first half of the pasta sheet, leaving half an inch between each
  • Fold the second half of the pasta sheet over the side with the filling
  • Press down the pasta between each clump of filling, and then seal the edges in the top on the bottom
  • Cut the pasta into one-inch squares
  • Pick up one square and place it diagonally on your finger, pinching together to opposite ends
  • Pull the top end over the top of your finger and press together with the other sealed ends
  • Take the bottom corner and pull it over your finger with the other sealed ends
Tortellini with a little tail
  • Cut the dough into one-inch squares,
  • Placing the dough in the center
  • Folding the dough diagonally to form a triangle
  • Pinching two ends of the pasta together around your finger

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