Monday, May 19, 2008

Reconsidering Cole Slaw

Cole slaw never really excited me. It always seemed like an after thought. The Dixie cup or monkey dish served on the side of a diner sandwich seems like a way to fill the plate with something cheap and only slightly editable. I passed it over at backyard barbeques. And I questioned my family’s inclusion of cole slaw on our Thanksgiving table.

But, I’ve changed my tune. Cole slaw has become a workhorse in my recipe file. Why do I love it?
• It adds something fresh, raw, colorful, and crunchy to a menu
• There are endless variations (My favorites are: Asian Cole slaw, Minted Cole slaw, and Buttermilk Cole slaw)
• It’s a salad that can be made ahead, and leftovers keep well of a day or two
• Cabbage and carrots — the base of all Cole slaws — keep for a long time in the crisper, so Cole slaw can be added it to a meal even when there are no other fresh veggies in the house
• It goes just as well with a holiday meal as it does with a quick, week night dinner

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