Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good Eats

Yesterday I told readers on Überall that Kevin and I will be moving back to the states the first week in December. The prospect of leaving Germany has forced me to start thinking about what food I'll miss:

  • Sausages -- I can't believe I've been in German for over a year and I am still able to find at least one new sausage every week for the "Wurst of the Week" feature on Überall
  • Quark -- I know I've told you that you can made it yourself, but it's so much easier to simply pick it up at the grocery store
  • The organic biscuits from DM's Bio line -- they organic and dark chocolate...what else can I say
  • Apfelschole -- Kevin and I both have come to love this carbonated apple juice
  • Mustard in a tube -- It's both funny and easy
  • Pork products -- I really think they are just a little more delicious here

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